Friday, March 19, 2010

Where's the rewind button?

Today I really wish I had a rewind button for my life.  Have you ever seen the tv series Heroes? It was me and my husband's favorite show before we moved. Now we don't get any tv channels, which we are perfectly fine with :)  Anyway, we always would ask each other, "If you were a super hero, what power would you want?" Today, I really wish I were Hiro Nacomora (sp?) from that TV series and rewind time!

This morning at breakfast, all I wanted to do what scarf down a bowl of cereal in peace. Analee wouldn't have that. She wanted me to hold her, so I picked her up. Then she wanted to get down. I lifted her up across my bowl of cereal (rewind) and the whole bowl- milk and all, fell on the floor. UGH! Then later today after a very nice St. Joseph Feast Day Mass, and a Blessing of the Bread Alter for the feast day, I made a couple of rosaries to send out. I left my neatly organized bead trays on the floor (rewind) and who should walk by? Liam.  My sweet three year old boy somehow simultaneously fell into the toy box and kicked a tray of beads (hundreds of neatly organized beads) onto another tray of hundreds of neatly organized beads.  He bumped his head in the process, but I guess he figured he wouldn't even bother to cry about it because Mommy seemed upset enough! When all my beads were back in there places, 40 minutes later, my patient husband was wishing he had a rewind button too!

I guess all those little trials are supposed to teach me something. Like how to be more patient, loving, merciful, etc.  I try to look at my little sufferings as something to rejoice in, but sometimes I want to say to God, "No, thanks, I've had enough joy today!! Now, can I have my rewind button?"

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Allison Salerno said...

Sarah: This too shall pass. It does get easier, in many respects, as they grow older.

I love that you had bread blessed. I was not familiar with that tradition for St. Joseph's day..

I remember talking to a friend of mine, mother of four, when I had my first newborn at home.

"I keep not being able to finish my meals," I told her.

"Oh," she said. "There will be a lot of unfinished meals for a long time."

Blessings on this beautiful day.