Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

This Wednesday, what's up with...

Clay Rosaries: Busy, busy, busy! It's the busy season and what better time to run out of beads and have to make a brand new bead meaning sheet?!

Me: thankful for a great vacay in MN, and a beautiful funeral Mass for Eric's grandmother in MD, now back to life in VA. I am also thankful we are approaching spring and warm weather- I do not envy my fam and friends in MN who won't be seeing spring until at least late April!

Kids: Liam has one speed- FAST. Combine that with clumsy and it's not pretty. At twice a day, he comes to me crying because he tripped over something. Don't worry, he gets over it after a quick kiss to the boo boo. Analee is a girl through and through. At one year, she's already wearing jewelery- or at least rosaries- whatever she can find to put around her neck and on her wrists.

Husband: never fails to entertain me. Last night he went to the grocery store with a short list of things I needed- which I had all explained to him. I even wrote a little side not next to the havarti cheese that if they didn't have that, I wanted muenster cheese. Apparently the word: muenster was too close to the word chicken and he asked for monster chicken at the deli!!! LOL! I am laughing so hard, I can barely type it out.

What's for dinner: I can't even remember. I make a list of about seven meals at the start of the week. Then I buy the groceries I need for those meals, so I only have to make one trip to the grocery store a week (with the exception for a craving for monster chicken *teehee*). Plus, it allows me not to have to think about what I'm cooking except for that one day when I make the list. but I think it's stir fry tonight.

What's on my mind: Still thinking about growing in love this Lent...I feel like I am doing all I can do...I guess it's really up to God at this point. I mean, all love comes from Him...

What's up and coming: Analee's birthday party this Sunday- FINALLY! The date has only been changed three times!

Best thing that happened to me today: finding out that sliced buffalo chicken is on sale at the deli at Giant. Guess what my husband will be doing later today? Hopefully ordering 2 pounds of buffalo chicken this time instead of monster chicken for my buffalo chicken wraps for Sunday's party.

Good link? http://juliecragon.blogspot.com/ Julie is a writer and a catholic bookstore owner and has many good things to write about and say.


Anonymous said...

This 'ole girl can now read your blog with ease! I love the new color and font. How are the St. Andrew chaplets coming along?
Pax Christi.

Anonymous said...

Spring is in the air in Minnesota already!! It's 40 degrees and the snow is melting. So we will definitely see spring earlier this year...with the exception that we don't have another heavy snow. :)Ha ha Eric is funny, katie and i are laughing right now too. :D
-lil sis, Christina