Friday, March 19, 2010

Etsy Finds

I just love Etsy.  I even have some of my rosaries on Etsy, but the thing I love most about Etsy are the unique things you can buy.  I just purchased this twirl skirt from my friend, Chance from Colorado. Chance and I belonged to the same small faith group and we were just starting to get to know each other right before I moved. Chance also has two kids the same as age as mine and just like me, will explode if the she doesn't do something creative every now and then. She just started an Etsy shop to show off some of her talent.  She is a wonder with the sewing machine! You can check out her shop at:


Allison said...

awesome! And your little one is a peach.

And I am curious, what small faith group are you part of? Is it an ecclesiastical movement?

Sarah Harkins said...

Allison, I am not sure what that means- if means we were of different faiths- no, we were all Catholic. It was started in St. Francis Cabrini Church in Littleton CO. You can look on their website for more info about it. I'm not sure they were the first ones to start this, but I think it will spread in the future. The small faith groups consist of about 12 parishioners (we were couples with young children) who get together once a month for a prayerful gathering and other times just for fun. I've heard of it in other places too, and I think my priest here is trying to start something like it.

Allison Salerno said...

What a lovely idea.

I had thought you meant something else; that you were part of an ecclesiatical movement within the Catholic Church, such as Opus Dei or Communion and Liberation.