Saturday, March 6, 2010

Confirmation Bead

Before I could put the finished beads away, Liam got a hold of them and drove off with them :)

I said I was going to make a Holy Orders bead, but it is actually a Confirmation bead. The symbol for confirmation is the Laying on of Hands with three rays of grace coming down from heaven. The three rays symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Confirmation is a sacrament and a rite of initiation where, the Bishop lays his hands on the confirmandi and they become filled with the Holy Spirit to preform works for the Church and grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Here are the hands as I put the thumbs on them. Once the thumbs are on, I covered it with a thin sheet of black clay.

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breadgirl said...

Hi Sarah
These beads are very lovely. Your talent amazes me and I think you are brilliant. God bless you and your beautiful work.