Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

This Wednesday, what's up with...

Clay Rosaries: I'm taking a tiny breather in between orders and making beads. I've been making so many rosaries for First Holy Communicants and I just love it. The children are so precious!

Me: thankful for my wonderful family and a great husband who supports me even every step of the way.

Kids: REALLY enjoying the wonderful weather. It's our first year in this home and they just love our back yard and are discovering lots of fun things to do back there.

Husband: is working one of his days off.  (boohoo) our weekend will be cut short, but I'm thankful for the sacrifices he makes for our family.

What's for dinner: Lasagna! I've been craving it for awhile now...

Reading: I've been reading a book called Maria of Guadelupe by Paul Bodde.  It is making me really want to go on a pilgrimage there!

What's on my mind: thinking about how Mary is for EVERYONE. not just Catholics. In her apparitions, she makes it clear by her actions and words, that she is the Mother of ALL humanity.  This is really making me think outside of the box in terms of ecumenical discussions.

What's up and coming: A trip back to Maryland to do a rosary workshop for a group of 20 sixth graders.  I can't wait!

Best thing that happened to me today: filling my fridge with food! My husband has been joking about how empty it's gotten in the past few days...just goes to show how busy I've been!

Good link? Allison Salerno's Article about tomorrow's feast day: The Annunciation of the Lord. I will write a little blurb about it tomorrow, but just a head's up--tomorrow is also called The Day of Prayer for The Unborn Child and many people are saying a rosary with this purpose in mind.
BTW- she also mentioned a prolife rosary I made a year ago for some prolife workers.  I feel the love!


Allison Salerno said...

Here is another shout-out to you, Sarah. The beautiful confirmation bracelets arrived. I dropped one off at the elementary school where one of the confirmandi's mom works as a secretary.

She GASPED when she saw your bracelet. She was so thrilled!

Sarah Harkins said...

That's so great to hear Allison! You made my day :)

Christina said...

Wow sarah, it is great to hear that you guys are doing good! I miss you a lot. Take care- :)