Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And what about MY Holy Week?

The funny thing about parenting is that you give up those all those nice activities you used to do before babies and toddlers, but in exchange, you get so much more. True, I won't be attending the Easter Vigil again, my favorite Mass of the year.  And adoration? After the last botched attempt with arranging a babysitter, I'm not geared up to go anytime soon. If I could simply get out to go one Mass without the kids, it would totally qualify as a retreat. Probably even as good as a weekend retreat.

But instead of all those things, I get the joy of teaching my own kids the Faith. The one true Faith that never changes.  Even if all else fails in their lives, they will always be able to fall back on the Faith that was passed onto them by my husband and I.  It is a true joy!  I hang on every word about Jesus, Mary or God that comes out my son's mouth- even if his theology is way off or he says he likes Mary, but he likes trains more than he likes Mary (we are working on that one!).  I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be able to be my children's first instructor. 

I don't get to hop in the car to attend Bible study, but when I teach my kids about the bible, I gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible that I wouldn't otherwise had received.  When I'm teaching my children about God, I enter into a prayer between me and God where graces flow just as freely as some of the best alone times with God.  Have you ever had one of those moments when you are reading a spiritual book to your child and you tear up because of what it means to you?  That's what I am thankful for during this Holy Week.  I'm thankful for God always giving me what I need- while I am giving His little ones what they need.


Allison said...

What a good and thoughtful mommy you are, Sarah.

I don't have any great ideas for Holy Week with little ones.

but for Pentecost - to teach about the Holy Spirit, Fly kites and/or release helium balloons. You could even invite a family over or see if your church would do this.

Our adventure... One day at a time! said...

I loved this post Sarah! We've been really trying hard to bring this kind of attitude with us in all of our mass experiences, to make it more about fulfilling our vocation as parents and less about our own "quiet prayer time"! So you'll enjoy this story, I'm sure...We decided to try to go to the Good Friday service thinking that it would be great for the boys and that the veneration of the cross would be a really hands on way they could participate and maybe "get it". Which it was, but Evie on the other hand screamed so hard at the beginning of the service during the "silence" and the first reading (the microphone was broken, so noone could hear the reading, just my screaming child!) We've been getting comments about it ever since!

Anyway, sorry my blog is awful, I just really don't think there would be anyone to read it!! So we'll just have to keep in touch some other way! Hope your family is doing awesome! We miss you guys and think of you often!

Sarah Harkins said...

Caitlin, We miss you guys too! I wish you kept up your blog, so I could see how your guys are doing. Funny you should write... I was contemplating calling you out of the blue last night. wish I had! I hope we can catch up soon.