Sunday, November 23, 2008

Starting to get it together

Well, my plans for my new website are finally getting underway. I have some great pictures and now it's just a matter of building a website from scratch. Wow, what an undertaking for someone who not tech savvy.  Let's just say it's taking me longer than I would have liked. Hopefully it will be ready by December. 

I am also working on replenishing my bead supply. Last night I remade my bead with the Christian symbol of the fish on it. I chose a gray background with a black fish. It reminds me of what it may have looked like when the first Christians wrote it with paint or chalk on a stone wall.  I finished all the cutting and poking of the beads today. That was a very easy design so it didn't take too long for the finished product. 

Tonight during my Holy Hour in Eucharistic Adoration, I used a new book to say the scriptural Rosary. It took a lot longer, but I got so much more out of the mysteries this time.  As I prayed the Glorious mysteries tonight, I was filled with hope. Hope for Christ's Return, hope to one day be united with Christ in heaven and hope for our country amid a changing time. 

May Christ fill you with hope during this upcoming advent season.  

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