Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Snippets- A Catholic Carnival

Here is a way to share some other Catholic bloggers. It's called Catholic Carnival and it will be displayed every Sunday. If you click on RAnn's link This, That and the Other Thing, you will see other Catholic bloggers who may be interested in reading. As a part of Catholic Carnival, I choose two of my posts from this week and list them here so that other readers can get a sample of my posts too.

Here are my contributions:
1. Confirmation Bead
2. Pentecost Bead

Also, please check out this blog:
Allison Salerno wrote a lovely post on the Why I am Catholic blog about Catholic Artisans. In it, she writes about the amazing retablo she is giving her son for his confirmation. She was very kind to mention me in her blog as another Catholic Artisan. If you know of any other Catholic artisans, hop on over to the website and post a comment.


Allison Salerno said...

My pleasure. You know, it is very late and I read your link as "confirmation bread. I was so excited as I love baking bread and was thinking there was some special design for a Confirmation breakfast, which is what we are hosting for our son.
Sleepy silly me!

Sarah Harkins said...