Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks for your patience!

To all my customers who are patiently waiting for their rosaries, chaplets and bracelets- Thank you! The reason I am so behind is because I have one those sequences of unfinished clay rosary work that goes like this: before I can send them out, I have to make this, but before I can make this, I have to be finished with this and that. So, I hope the wait is worth and this is the list of new things you will see when you get your rosary:
  1. A new bead meaning sheet complete with new photos of each bead- and maybe looking something like a booklet? I'm not sure on the details, but it will be great!
  2. A Pentecost Bead
  3. A new Lamb of God bead
  4. A Holy Orders Bead
After all I get all my orders out, you just may see a brand new website!


Jeno said...

How exciting! It is so worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the new 'look.' BTW, don't change the name of your blog, even when you hit thirty. Consider keeping the name "Clay Rosary Girl" in honor of YOUR little girl!
Pax Christi.

Michelle said...

Does this mean you have communion bracelets available now?

Something I was thinking about the other day. I am pregnant with my first (a girl) and I was thinking that is would be neat to have a rosary to pray with for my child, and then one day give that rosary to that child. Since you have "themed" rosaries I thought it would be neat to have "A Mother's Love" themed one. Do you think there'd be a market for that?

Just thought I'd throw that idea out to you!!

Anonymous said...

@Michelle: Congratulations on your expecting! The St. Andrew's chaplet, a traditional Advent chaplet prayed in anticipation of the birth of Jesus, is often prayed by and for expectant mothers. St. Andrew is the patron saint of infertile women and those expecting. So.... perhaps Sarah will have her new St. Andrew's chaplets ready soon. Did you see the new bead Sarah created for that particular chaplet?
Blessings to you. Pax Christi.

Sarah Harkins said...

There's your comment, Michelle- I thought it was lost in cyberspace. Yes, the chaplet is also for expectant mothers, so you might be interested in that. But I would also be interested in making a "Mother's Love" one. have you seen any like this? and no, the bracelets are not in stock yet...soon!