Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunny

My kids and I went to an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the JC's on Saturday.  They took these pictures for us and I just received them via email so I thought I'd share. 
      Liam was pretty scared of the giant bunny!

  Analee was even more scared. I tried putting her closer, but she just screamed!
   I guess it's one of those things that the kids enjoy more AFTER it's all done :)


Allison said...

Very cute, Sarah. You are so blessed.

What are your thoughts that some folks have to "kill the Easter bunny," because it confuses the true resurrection with a pagan figure?

I never told our boys about the Easter Bunny, but other folks did, and so they believed. But I never felt it interfered with their understanding of the resurrection.

Plus, who doesn't like chocolate?

Sarah Harkins said...

haha! Allison, I didn't know the Easter Bunny was a pagan ;) I think I may have told Liam about the Easter Bunny- but it was him who really took off with the whole Easter Bunny coming to our house. I don't think it's wrong- if Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are ok, then the Easter Bunny is fine in my book. More power to those who banish the made up characters, but I think my family is ok with believing in the Easter Bunny for now :)

Allison said...

As for Santa Claus - there was a bishop Nicholas and we believe his spirit lives on....(When your little ones are older, there is a great book called "The True Story of Santa Claus")

A blessed Holy week to you and yours...

Anonymous said...

I think the Easter Bunny is similar to the 'sacramentals' we Catholic adults need in order to make concrete our faith. The Easter Bunny and Easter eggs: new life, faith, hope, sharing and Resurrection. I am not at all opposed to either Santa or the Easter Bunny, as long as we also teach the real messages of the seasons: the birth, life and death of Jesus our Saviour. Blessings Sarah to you and your lovely family in this most holy season of Easter. Pax Christi.