Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Five: Movies

I'm joining my friend, Mandy, in her top five list this week: Movies. So, here is my top five list:

1. Pride and Prejudice: love, love, love. (the new version, not the PBS five movie long one- I'm not that hard core!) Best love story ever, breathtaking screenplay,  amazing soundtrack, plus, it's just a gloriously written script.  I blame my public school education that I've never read Jane Austin, but she's on my list of reads for the future. 

2. Amadeus.  The soundtrack is o.k., but the acting is amazing. Just kidding! It's Mozart, of course the soundtrack is the best things about the movie! And the guy who plays Mozart is wonderfully quirky and charming.  I'm not sure how much of the movie is true, but it is a great story.

3. A series of Unfortunate Events. The reason this one is on my top five is because of the phenomenal job Jim Carry does with the character(s) of the Count. HILARIOUS! So funny, I laugh my head off every time. He really is one of the most talented actors. I marvel at the way he plays each character so brilliantly. 

4. The Lord of the Rings (all of them) there's no way to pick just one of these!

5. Batman Begins- probably my all time favorite action film.  or Last Samurai with Tom Cruise- just a great movie all around. Wonderful story.


Katie said...

I agreed with you on P&P until you said "NOT the BBC version"! :)

The BBC version is my favorite. Have you seen Persuasion? Love it!

Lori said...

When she was younger, my oldest daughter and I had the most glorious day watching P&P (the long one ;)). I had babies at the time, so we paused the movie for diaper changes and food- other than that, it P&P all day long! Although, I am sure the version you mention is wonderful- it is P&P after all. :)

Anonymous said...

Batman Begins, with Christian Bale? Love that movie!!! Amadeus is also a favorite of mine. AND YOU MUST READ JANE AUSTIN!!!!! LOVE HER!

Mary said...

I have to agree with Katie on this one. I love love the BBC five movie version. It was so true to the book. My whole family watches kids love it. The characters are sooo perfectly cast. Anyway, it is my favorite movie of all time. Can't get into the Batman movies...too dark. I was a little offended by Amadeus because I love Mozart too much and his music is toooo ordered for me to believe he was that nutty. But I have never seen the Series of Unfortunate I will have to watch that one.

Sarah Harkins said...

Katie, I have not seen Persuasion. I will have to check that out.

It looks like I'm out numbered on Pride and Prejudice. I guess I'll have to break down and watch the whole 10 hour movie some day. I must admit, I really only saw a few minutes of it in college and was scared off by the immensity of it.

noreen said...

Hi Sarah, I have not seen Pride and Prejudice... either version. I should definetly do so.

Mooey said...

I'm probably going to get scorned for saying this, but I think that Mr. Darcy in the 2006 P&P version with Kiera Knightley is much more handsome than Colin Firth. I also think it is more romantic the way that Darcy and ELizabeth profess their love in the new version. I did however enjoy the BBC version, you get so much more of the story.