Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taking Comfort in Jesus

I found another very moving vision of St. Bridget's to share.  This is the second time in the past several months that I was uplifted by a vision of St. Bridget of Sweden (the first was the Nativity Vision that I shared at Christmas time), so I decided to go ahead and buy a small book of her visions today from Amazon. Here's the link to the book ($4.95):  Revelations of St. Bridget on the Life and Passion of Our Lord and the Life of His Blessed Mother 

Today's meditation of the day from Magnificat:
I am the Queen of heaven, and my Son loves you with all his heart.  So I advise you to love nothing except him.  For he is so desirable that if you have him, you will not be able to desire anything else.  He  is so beautiful that the beauty of the elements of this world, or the beauty of light, is like a shadow in comparison to him. 

Whence when I was nursing my Son, he was endowed with such great beauty that whoever looked upon him was consoled and relieved of any sorrow he may have had in his heart.  And so, even many Jews said to one another, "Let us go to see Mary's Song, that we may be consoled."  And even though they did not know that he was the Son of God, nevertheless, they received great consolation upon seeing him."

                                                                            --Our Lady to St. Bridge of Sweden

The very sight of the Baby Jesus gave comfort to those around him.  Even though I cannot see the face of Jesus, I too, take comfort when saying his name, thinking about him and talking to him.  It is my delight to share this knowledge with my children- that there is nothing else in the world worth desiring than Jesus.


Jamie Jo said...

Have you done her one year novena of prayers? It is after doing those that I grew to love her. Our Bridget was named after her.

Beautiful quote and thought, just thinking about it is amazing.

Sarah Harkins said...

Jamie, I have not done that novena- I will have to look into it. I can't wait to read her book of visions. It helps me to understand Jesus and Mary so much better when I get a real life perspective.