Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Lady, Clubber of Demons

Here's where the painting is today

Have you seen this picture of Our Lady? A friend sent me an email with this picture in it. It is the funniest pictures of Mary I have ever seen. I looked it up and found this website: LOL Saints. I've seen some of the pictures before, but had forgotten how funny some of them are. They have a good explanation of the picture at the LOL Saints site. (BTW: she is clubs the demon, not the child, but I'm sure you knew that!)


Kathleen's Catholic said...

Hi, Sarah. I've seen this one before. Isn't it awesome? At first, I thought it was disturbing, because I never thought of Mary in this way, but after thinking about it I realized that she does protect us with all her strength!

Hoping you are well!

rox said...

That is so cool !
Awesome Momma Mary ☺

Katie said...

That is so funny . . . .it does look like she is going to hit baby Jesus!

Elisa said...

That is awesome! Funny website.

Sarah Harkins said...

Katie, the boy is not Jesus, but a boy whose mother (also in the painting) accidentally invited the devil into her son's life. A better explanation is on the LOL Saints website.