Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greetings from Decatur, Alabama

I recently received a wonderful email from Stephanie Weathers who teaches at a Catholic School in Alabama.  Stephanie emailed me a few times asking questions about how I make my beads and what clay I used. I have to admit, I had some thoughts as to whether or not Stephanie was trying to copy my work, but I was very wrong! (Stephanie, you should have told me!).

I first learned what Stephanie had done from my college friend, Mandy who lived in Decatur, Alabama when I stayed her and her family on spring break.  Mandy's mom went to a Catholic school's auction and saw some clay rosaries.  She thought it was strange since the only clay rosaries she had ever seen were mine back in college.  Stephanie told her that she learned how to make them from Sarah from Clay Rosaries.  It was then that the song, "It's a Small World After All" started playing and the little Dutch girls tapped their wooden clogs (Disney World ride, remember?). 

The other day, Stephanie sent me an email with some photos and let me share them here.  Stephanie said her students made color wheel rosaries and that they were a big hit.  It turned into a school wide project and all the classes made rosaries for the school fundraiser.  I heard from Mandy's mom that they earned thousands of dollars for their school!

So anyone out there who wants to copy my rosaries and start selling them on the Internet, don't.  Anyone out there who wants to make rosaries as a fundraiser for a great cause like a Catholic School, DO!  I will be happy to give you any advice you want. 


Sarah Harkins said...

Sorry I cannot publish comments with links to questionable websites.

Mandy said...

Hi Sarah!!! I enjoyed this post of course! I sent it to my mom, and I am sure she'll send it to her friends too!!! Good ol' Decatur. One day I want to move back there.

Renee said...

I live just outside Decatur in Madison