Monday, February 21, 2011

New Adventures in Sleep City

It's the first night my 3 month old is sleeping in his own room and the third night my 2 year old daughter is sleeping on the bottom of a bunk bed she is sharing with her four year old brother.  Some days it feels like I'm conducting an orchestra, timing each instrument to come in the song at just the right time to make a beautiful melody.  But most days it feels like I'm the ring leader of three ring circus and the animals have not been tamed! 

Have a three bedroom house has definitely been tricky on the sleeping situations.  It's every parent's dream to get their kids to bed with the least amount of tears as possible.  So far, the baby swing has been my solution to that for every nap by baby takes.  Jude's room was the hallway during the day and my bedroom at night.  He's never slept in a crib or bassinet, so this crib thing had me worried.  So far, it's been almost an hour, and he's still asleep.  I'm very grateful!

Tonight, I am the ring leader with Analee and Liam.  Putting them in the same room at night went really well for the first two nights, but tonight they are all wound up.  Last night, Liam fell asleep right away.  Analee snuck up to his bed and lied down next to him.  I thought it was really cute, but at 1:30am, when Liam discovered his sister was in his bed, he was not too thrilled. 

It's quiet now and I'm wondering if my two year old will pop out of the bedroom again (for the 11th time in 20 minutes) with a big grin on her face like this is a really fun game.  This ring leader is ready for some sleep too.

And here she's going to be a long night!


Amanda said...

Sarah, you're one step ahead of me! I am still not ready to take the plunge and put the older boys together in a room yet. Sam refuses to sleep on the top bunk and I'm worried about Jack sleeping up there. So we're going to somehow squeeze Jack's toddler bed in Sam's room. But I just worry about the two of them at night, Sam is an awful sleeper and Jack is a champ. But sometime soon, SETH NEEDS TO GET HIS OWN ROOM! Keep my posted on how it goes!

Katie said...

We have our two oldest in the same room. Most nights it works well because we read to them after prayer and our 4 yr old usually falls asleep. But, when he doesn't they talk and stay up too late!

Anonymous said...

Be consistant and firm. Keep up the good work.
Julie M