Wednesday, February 9, 2011

B.C. (before children)

So, I'm standing at the mirror plucking my horrendously overgrown eyebrows thinking...before kids, I would have never let my eyebrows get this out of control.  Then I start to think... there is a lot of things that I would have never done before kids or would have ever thought I'd do. Like: 
  • not even flinch at cleaning up another person's vomit or poop
  • listen to Cinderella on CD and sing, "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" all day while dancing around the house
  • not want to go to the mall or any kind of shopping (with three kids, it becomes a nightmare)
  • not really want to do anything in public where I might not have close access to a bathroom, privacy for nursing, or a gated area to reign in my kids
  • stay up late just to get some cleaning done
  • think 8:00am is sleeping in
  • eaten so many chicken nuggets (they're really not that bad with some Frank's hot sauce)
  • finished other people's plates of vegetables (someone's gotta eat them!)
  • give in to so many indulgent requests (before I had kids I knew I would never let my kids walk all over me ever)
  • turn my head from so many bad behaviors (before I had kids I knew I would never let my kids step out of line!)
  • think taking a bath is an unnecessary waste of time
  • think shaving my legs in the winter is an unnecessary waste of time
  • let my kids run in the grocery store (that's only for really bad kids)
  • let my kids go almost all day with a chocolate milk mustaches or peanut butter smeared on their cheeks (what kind of parent doesn't wipe their kids' faces right after they eat?)
  • plan all outings based solely on how much a four year old would enjoy them
  • have so many darn toys in my house!! 
  • worn sweat pants in public (not the kind with the elastic bottom- I'm not that bad) 
  • felt guilty about being away from the kids for more than 2 hours
  • had so much fun every. single. day.
I wouldn't trade this life for my perfect little life before kids any day! 


melody said...

Too funny! Wonderful list and reflection. :) On an ironic note... my husband recently told me he prefers my eyebrows a tad fuller. I thought that was odd after all this time and plucking! LOL

Amanda said...

Cute! Maybe I'll do the same, write a little list about life b.c.

Oh and the quick image I had of you in sweatpants with elastic bottoms--too funny. I almost bought a pair of those for the comfort factor, but then my pride got in the way.

Julie Cragon said...

I can so relate to this list. Too funny.

Jamie Jo said...

So funny!

So true!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Love it and I can so relate to way too many of these! :) Kids are truely wonderful!

Katie said...

This is such a great list and post! I take the "bath" one a step further . . . if I have not worked out that day, showering becomes optional! I took showers EVERYDAY B.C.!!

Sarah Harkins said...

Melody, that is pretty ironic about your husband liking your eyebrows better now. my husband says I look prettier now. I guess there's something more attractive about hair that's not been brushed all day and spit up on my shirt!

Mandy, I found it ridiculous that J.Crew sells sweatpants for $50.00- the kind with the elastic bottoms! oh, and they sell khaki's, which never will go out of style, but the way. Please do make your own list! I would love to read it.

Anyone else want to make a list? let me know what your were like B.C.!

Sarah Harkins said... (link to $50 jcrew sweat pants)

Katie Rose said...

i love it sarah, so stinking true. i actually bought a small waxing kit that has a melting pot, the wax, and everything you need and it is great so the eyebrow situation is under control again!