Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Soooo Comical ;)

I didn't write this caption, but I was the runner-up. Click on the link or read below for my caption.

Coming in first in our Weekly Challenge with 122 votes is Clinton Raines of Bealeton.  Clinton wins the original art with his caption inked in by me along with having it published in Saturday’s Free Lance-Star on page two.
Coming in second with 71 votes is Sarah Harkins of Fredericksburg who submitted “Blackened fish for dinner again?! This is what I meant by wanting to get my life back!”.
Coming in third with 48 votes is Steve Smith of Caroline who submitted “Fish oil is healthy. There must be a way to spin this yet”.
Coming in fourth with 26 votes is Kilian Dineen of South Riding. who submitted “Bait? Oh, the usual: worms, minnows, a little Dawn dishwashing liquid ”.

I didn't care about the voting, but when I saw my name as a runner-up in this week's paper, I wished I had asked for a few pity votes or even voted for myself! It would have been cool to see my caption with the cartoon...Oh well.

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