Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost Finished!

I know I said yesterday that I was going to have the Immaculate Heart of Mary bead done for you to see today, but it just didn't happen.  Here's what I got finished so far.  I reduced the roses and the leaves from other day and added the red background and the sword through the heart. The sword piercing the heart is a symbol of Mary's sorrow that was foretold by the prophetess, Anna. "...and a sword of sorrow shall pierce your heart".  Mary's greatest sorrow is, of course, watching her son die the most cruel death.  I can't imagine how hard that was for her!

I sat down to try to finish the bead tonight, but being pregnant really limits me! I can't stay up late and work like I used to.  This evening I was also busy.  I went to a home for pregnant women in crisis situations called, "Mary's Shelter." It was craft night and I got the privilege of teaching them how to make some simple beads. They really enjoyed it! The women there are so great. I was so happy to meet them and I hope I can come back and show them how to string their beads into some rosaries.

Today was also Liam's first day of vacation Bible school. It was the first time he was physically dropped off at a strange place and left there for three hours. My husband had the honors of doing this because I had another sonogram.  He (my husband, not Liam!) almost cried after leaving him there. Is this what it feels like to drop kids off at day care for the first time??  It was hard for all of us, but I think tomorrow will go better.  Liam said he had fun, but too much fun because it was too long!

I hope the bead is finished tomorrow, although I probably will wait another day before slicing it. I will post a picture tomorrow and then another pic when it is sliced.


breadgirl said...

Hi Sarah
Really interesting post! The bead looks great and I await the finished product. Liam also looks great and he (and you & hubby) will do just grand! God bless you (& hubby & Liam).

Julie Cragon said...

You do beautiful work! (with clay, with family and with community)

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

It's going to be so pretty! I can't wait to see it all reduced. That's when they really take on their personality. I just burnt a whole tray of beads... at least they weren't my favorite ones. I'm really loosing my brain! Lol!