Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clay Leaf

Just for a little pizazz on the Immaculate Heart bead, I'm adding some green leaves to the rose crown.  I made a big leaf so I would plenty left over for leaf beads for jewelry and such.

Here's how I made the leaf.

First I blended many different colors of green and black to get a shadowy effect on the leafs.  Then I rolled them out and put them together to look like a big green bulls eye.

Next I formed the round bulls eye into a leaf shape and sliced it open. I put in a dark color for the center of the leaf. I then sliced more sections of the leaf to add the leaf veins. I took a picture of this, but it wouldn't download from the camera :(

Then I reduced the cane and here's what it looks like.  This is much bigger than what you will see in the finished product, so you will get a more blended effect when you look at the Immaculate Heart bead...tomorrow!

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Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

OOH! Can't wait! I've been making beads all day, but mine are sooooo much smaller. I just found a ceramic rolling pin at Salvation Army and was so excited :-)