Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

This Wednesday, what's up with...

Clay Rosaries: Nothing much today...I'm taking a break from beads to work on household stuff.

Me: Finding it very ironic that I quit Facebook because it was consuming my day only to discover the riches of blogging and reading others' blogs- which can consume not only my day, but five hundred million days. I never got into reading anyone else's blogs before I quit FB, but now I am finding the blogging community to be very rich- and VAST! There are so many intelligent Catholic bloggers out there and so much good information and insight to learn from. Not that I am going to quit blogging, but I now I DEFINITELY need to limit my internet usage.

Kids: Liam is becoming a compulsive Hail Mary prayer just like his Mommy. This morning I mentioned praying for Daddy that he has a safe drive home and before I even finished that thought he was making the sign of the cross and saying, "Hail Mary, Pray for us sinners... (he mixes the prayer up a bit). Analee is turning one year old on Friday! We are going to use some birthday money Grandma sent to get her some good walking shoes (maybe she'll be inspired to take her first steps soon :)

Husband: Loving his Dumas. Ever since I suggested he read one of my favorite fiction books: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, he can't get enough of this author. He's on book 2 of the five part series of the Three Musketeers. He talks about these characters like their his age-old friends. I love that he's becoming a bigger book nerd than me.

Book I'm Reading: Ch. 2 Parenting with Grace--The Catholic Parent's Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Children by Dr. Popcak. (I know, I was on this chapter last week... I haven't had time to read much this week...)

What's in the oven(or soon to be): Sugar Cookie Rollouts for a funeral, and the birthday party

What's on my mind: Living in the moment. Trying to realize the gifts of grace to be recieved in the here and now. Not in the tomorrow- not in the yesterday, not even in the five minutes ago, or the five minutes ahead, but only in the here and now. God can only give us grace in the present because that is where we live.

What's up and coming: Maybe a birthday party-the weather forecast is not looking good for Saturday. Praying for a miracle because Liam keeps saying, "I hope Mom Mom can come!"

Best thing that happened to me today: waking up and receiving the gift of another day. thank you God for one more day to draw closer to you and prepare myself for my eternal home.

Good link? Great for catholic news/happenings that you won't see in the news.

Anyone else have any other good suggestions for good links?


Anonymous said...

Sarah: I love the blog A Catholic Bookworm at She used to write under another blog called "What Every Catholic Knew...". She is a young mother who recently miscarried, so her blog has been down for a while. She's writing again, and has beeen a great inspiration to me in the past year. I highly recommend her blog. I also think you would find a 'sympatico' in this young mom and her Catholic journey. I agree that the internet can be addicitng. To that end I carefully choose the Catholic blogs I follow. There are only FOUR -- one in Spanish and three in English which I follow. As such, I limit my time to blogs which are rich in faith and devotion, and sparse in silly chatter! I'm sure you guessed that YOUR blog is one of my four!
Pax Christi.

Sarah Harkins said...

Good Advice- Limiting how many blogs you follow. I am deeply honored to be one of the four :)
I will check out the other blog too. Thanks!