Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Andrew Chaplet Bead

I obviously need to work on my camera focusing skills, but here is the process my multi star bead underwent for the St. Andrew Chaplet.
I first started with two different star designs. Much of the detail was lost along the way, but that's just part of the process. I like the look of the finished product- I think it looks like a star bursting with life. I choose a star pattern because the St. Andrew Chaplet is an advent prayer used to prepare oneself for the birth of Christ. If we follow the star just as the shepherds and wise men did, we will find Christ born in our hearts as well. I will elaborate more on the details of the St. Andrew Chaplet when it is all finished.

After I made the stars, I rolled one star out to make four stars and arranged them in a pyramid and placed flattened clay on each side. The design was originally going to consist of this pyramid placed next to each other in a kaleidoscope pattern, but my math was way off (ok, so I didn't use any math- I blame it on my INFP personality) so it was modified a bit but it came out with more detail and a cool look- see below.
Analee was trying to get her little chubby fingers on mommy's pretty clay. I had to shoot fast! Sorry for the lack of a clear focus.

So this is my version of the star of Bethlehem. The beads are a little bigger than the normal rosaries beads. I think they will look great on the chaplet. I can't wait to put it together when I get home!



I love the beads and I can't wait to order several St. Andrew Chaplets. The Star of Bethlehem is a wonderful symbol for the St. Andrew chaplet. For those awaiting the birth of their own baby and for those women struggling with infertility this St. Andrew's Chaplet is perfect. Are you familiar with the prayers that are prayed using this chaplet? Congratulations Sarah on your new bead!!! Pax Christi.

Sarah Harkins said...

thanks for the encouragement :) Yes, I am familiar with the prayer and I will include it with the chaplets. I like that thought on "awaiting the birth of their own baby" I may include something like with the chaplets too. God Bless!

Allison said...

I love the beads - they look like they took a LOT of work. Very impressive :)

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I love watching the process, it's quite amazing! You must have the strongest fingers and hands and arms!!!


I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands grandmother, she and his family will be in my prayers.

I'm breaking my fast today on reading blogs and leaving comments...!!!

I want to order a couple rosaries and bracelets, but noticed that you are out of them, my daughter will be making her first Communion in April, are there rosaries in the making?

If that's not possible, I could order them and give them whenever you will have them!

Jessica said...

Oh, my goodness . . . these are just so beautiful! How talented you are! God bless you!

Sarah Harkins said...

Hi Jamie!
Thanks :) Yes you will be able to order by April. Hopefully they will be available in two weeks. I'll let you know!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

That is such a gorgeous blue star. Blue is my favorite color. It's wonderful you have this talent.