Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Pickin'

This was the first time we've been to the orchard to pick apples in the fall. Such fun! And my, how we miss the mountains. I think we've forgotten how beautiful they are from when we lived in Denver almost 5 years ago.

Now comes the fun of what to do with a huge box of apples!
And finally, I will leave you with a maternity shot that says, "I am pregnant, hear me roar!"  The way people go on about how amazing I must be to be having my fourth child so young, you'd think I was some kind of super mom (so not true!) So here's my super mom shot:
BTW: two more months left! I feel fine except when I have to pick things off the ground, or when I've been on my feet for long periods of time. Other than that, I can't complain. Baby is doing great too.


Jamie Jo said...

Great pictures!!! You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just beatiful Sarah, in a hippy sort of way.
Julie :)))

noreen said...

You look beautiful! And I would say you're being modest... you are a super mom to 3 adorable children!

Anonymous said...

In awe of this beauty! Thank you, i have been waiting for a photo of my little girl.
Love BMS

Allison said...

You look beautiful sarah! I love the hair! (and the baby bump too)

Lena ~ JOYfilled family said...

gorgeous mama! thanks for sharing your lovely pics. praise God that you are enjoying this season of baby making and the baby is doing great.

continued prayers.

pax, lena