Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn from the Front Porch

We have a gorgeous view from our front porch, (minus the cars driving by) especially in the fall. It's peak fall season here and it was 77 degrees today- how much more perfect can you get?

Jude is waving to the many cars driving past during rush hour.


melody said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! I gave you an award over on my blog. It's not usually my thing but I did it this time and you're in among my bloggy faves. :)

Katie Rose said...

oh wow Sarah, it really is pretty!

Allison said...

Jude looks SO BIG!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Jude laying down with one shoe off and one on his foot. Both kids look so serene.

Anonymous said...

Just love to look everyday at these scenes of the kids playing outside. wonderful pics
Love you all, :-)