Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best Pillow EVER!

FYI- if you have an aching neck from bad pillows...

SilverRest Sleep Shop Luxury Queen Comfort Memory Foam Pillow with Zippered Cover

I've had this pillow since 2009 and every time I am away from it, my neck aches. My husband steals it from me any chance he can get and when he's traveling and has to stay in hotels, his neck aches. The first thing he wants is my memory foam pillow. So this year, I am buying him his own for his birthday. They are a bit spendy for a pillow (29.00-shipping included), but three years ago when I bought it, I was desperate for something with support. This delivered and keeps delivering restful sleep year after year. BEST pillow award! (by me).

It weighs a lot more than regular pillow (4 or 5 pounds?), but that doesn't stop me from dragging it along to overnight stays. I just make my husband carry it! Now he'll be carrying two, no doubt.

p.s. I did not receive anything for this recommendation, although that would be great. I'd get one for everyone I know.


noreen said...

So you can't buy this in the store? Like Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Anonymous said...

Wow I thought the infomersials were a hoax! Good to hear the truth. Sounds like a great gift idea too. Where can you buy it?
Love pics too. BMS

Sarah Harkins said...

I'm not sure, Noreen. This is the only memory foam pillow I have tried.

I got this pillow from Amazon- the link is on the name of the pillow.