Saturday, September 29, 2012

Liam's Birthday

I think Liam had his best birthday yet.  Six years old is a big deal and I can tell he's reaching a new level of awareness as he nears the age of reason.  It's a magical time of childhood.  He is a such a sweet boy and such a good example for his siblings- who follow his cues like lemmings. 

 He says he stayed up all night waiting for his birthday, but I am only aware of the fact he didn't go to sleep until late and came in my bedroom at an ungodly hour in the morning to toss and turn in my bed.  The lack of sleep didn't deter this boy from having a very wonderful day.

We had my husband's parents over for the birthday and my mother in law brought a cooked dinner and a cake.  What a treat for this busy, pregnant mamma!! I really needed a break and was thankful for the gesture of kindness.

Then it was time for cake!

He played all day with his new marble run. He was given a starter set by my husband and I, and three other add-on sets by his grandparents on both sides and Godparents.  What a great gift- no buttons and no batteries!


Katie Rose said...

he is really handsome Sarah. i remember when we were at Melissa's wedding and he was running around all over the place while my little anna sat in my lap. well, now i have two boys that are just the same as he was! glad to see that doesn't last forever!

Allison said...

sweet. And how kind of your MIL to bring all the food.

Anonymous said...

I believe our greatest pain is living too far away to see Liam grow. He is a beautiful son and so smart. great job Mom and Dad! We many times chuckle how he articulates things. Happy Birthday again - our grandson Liam.
Love G & G