Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week One of Bed Rest

It's been one week now since I was put on bed rest for baby Jude. I wasn't put on the strictest of bed rest- so I'm still able get up when I need to- thank goodness! This week my husband took off of work to tend to the household needs. It has been a learning and growing experience for everyone. I've had to surrender having this done my way and I can say for a fact that my husband has had to sacrifice a fair share too!  I am now convinced that stay at home moms work just as hard, if not harder than people do at most work places!! I love my work as a stay at home mom, and I would've given anything to help my husband out more this past week, but God had other plans.

I know I got out of bed more than I should have this week because I wanted to get things ready for my mother in law is coming tonight.  I'm sure by next week with her here, I'll be writing about how good I was at staying in bed... Thank goodness for extra help!

BTW, I am still able to make rosaries on bed rest :D

Thank you for all your prayers for me and baby Jude!


James said...

Hey sweet Daughter, can you send a rosary here with Julie when she comes? a bright colorful one, not too fussy, it is going on a craft sale!
Take it easy, and let the house get dirty, easier said than done again.
Love Mom

Elisa said...

Oh, bummer. How far along are you? I'm 30 weeks. I have no pregnancy complaints except for the sciatic nerve pain.

Laura said...

Hope you'll be able to rest! This sounds really similar to what happened to me with low is your fluid??

Megan said...

Thank God for wonderful hubbies and wonderful in-laws!
Glad you're able to take it easy. Can't wait to meet lil Jude!

Jamie Jo said...

You are so blessed to be at home though and you don't have that much time left right? You can do it!! So nice of your MIL to come and help. Just remember you will forget all this hardship the moment you hold sweet baby Jude in your arms!!!

Remembering you in prayer!

Kathleen's Catholic said...

Hang in there, Sarah! I was also put on bed rest when expecting our second boy, as I went into labor 9 weeks too early. My husband had just left his job to start a new business, so he helped whenever he could, but... It all seemed overwhelming as the housework piled up around me and our 20-month-old needed Mommy. But the time did fly by, and soon enough our little baby was in our arms--very, very healthy!! It was worth everything! He was gorgeous!

God bless you and your little Jude during this special time. Be sure to give your husband and mother-in-law BIG hugs for their help and understanding. :-)