Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some Musical Inspiration

A perfect song for Sunday, but I've been finding the last part of the song so inspiring when I am working on those mundane tasks around the house...

"such a tiny offering...compared to Calvery...nevertheless, we lay it at your feet.
These words especially remind me to make do my work with joy and love because it is such a small offerering compared to what I get in exchange- eternal life! 


Sugar Pie said...

That's beautiful Sarah. Can you recommend an cd with it on?
Have a great day,
God Bless,
Hugs Robyn xx

Sarah Harkins said...

Robyn, I listen to it from my Wow Cd's- I can't find the cd case right now, but I am pretty sure that it is Wow 2010. It has all Christian music on it. It is very good and I recommend it! It's the stuff that I hear on the Christian music radio all the time, but maybe you don't have that in Australia :)

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, one of my favorites, I never tire of hearing it....well, any songs from Mercyme!