Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bed Rest Week 2

This week has been a wonderfully relaxing week of bed rest.  I can almost say I could get used to this sort of pampering!  Aside from not being able to get out of the house to even go for a walk on these gorgeous fall days, I have very much enjoyed having my Mother in Law take care of the kids, the cooking and the laundry.  She has also pampered the kids so much, I don't think they missed hanging out with mom all day at all!  They've been outside a lot and going to parks and McDonald's for lunch and the play place.  They are loving it.  Analee gladly waves goodbye to me when she's leaving with "Mom Mom"! 

Of course, we've set aside all homeschooling for the time being.  The alphabet can wait.  Liam is still doing little workbook pages here and there as much as he wants- mostly cutting activities and mazes which he can't get enough of!  But we're not doing anything serious until the baby comes- or sometime there after. 

Today my sister comes in town for a week to help out.  We'll see Mom Mom again next week when Julie leaves to go back home.   I can't wait to see Julie...and put her to work ;)


Mandy said...

Sounds like you have a lot of help, I am so glad!

Christina said...

Hey, you guys have fun there!! Good luck to Julie and tell us how it goes :)

kelli said...

Sara, so glad I checked in to see how you are doing :) We'll be saying prayers for you guys! you don't have too much longer to go! If I was closer I'd bring you a meal or try to help out in some way! Know I'm thinking of you! xoxo -KELLI

kelli said...

Btw, I use to blog myself. You'll see the link when you click on my name :) Haven't updated in a few years! It was so fun though and I contemplate doing it again someday :)