Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contemporary Artist Who Paints for God

After hearing about so many contemporary artist who profane Mary and Jesus (the latest being in Loveland, CO is enough to make your stomach turn) it is so refreshing to see an artist of our times who has a positive message with his art.  His name is Jon McNaughton and he paints in a unique style called French Barbizon Impressionism.  He is Mormon, but his work definitely reflects someone with a deep love and devotion to God and Jesus.  Praise God! Here is a link to his website where you can see more of his beautiful art. One other thing that is special about his art (that is a lot like mine) is it is full of symbolism.  If you go to his website, he explains the symbolism of his art.  You can move your mouse over the painting and it will tell you want the symbol stands for.  It's very neat.

This You Tube video I saw on Kathleen's blog was so moving, I had to share it here too.

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Jamie Jo said...

Wow, his website is amazing!!

Very beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing!