Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Quick Takes

Here are some updates on the Clay Rosary Girl

1. Homeschooling (four days of it so far) is going better and better every day.  I'm getting into a groove,  Liam and Analee are learning to follow the schedule, everyone is happy! We've zoomed through a letter a day, but those were letters I had already taught him awhile ago, so now I guess I'll have to slow down do a letter every other day or so. I would eventually like to get my day into a "rule" like Holly Pierlot suggested in her book, A Mother's Rule of Life, but for now it's a lose schedule which will be turned upside down when the baby comes, I'm sure. BTW, In confession last week, my priest suggested I read this book...kind of funny... and maybe about time I implement my rule...

2. The baby is doing well and I am drinking more fluids and trying to keep my feet up as much as possible. I think I found out why the amniotic fluid took a nose dive.  I was using a new glue that had xylene in it for some of my new jewelry pieces. I never thought it would be so harmful, but apparently it is pretty toxic and I should have used it outside or in a very ventilated room.  I'm praying that the baby is alright and I can carry him to full term.

3. My "nesting" before the baby comes is including organizing all the annoying drawers, corners, or shelves in my house that have become cluttered. I am going through them one by one and making them organized and clutter free so that my life will be simpler (according to Holly Pierlot, again).   So far, my pots and pan shelves are making me happier and my Tupperware shelves are looking good.  Now, I'm onto the 10 other trouble spots... I'm working my way toward household bliss.

4.  Home school Coop (on Wednesdays) is turning out to be one of the best days of our week. I get to chat with other moms while Analee plays with kids her age, and Liam is another room learning school and social skills.  I love it. One of the reason I like Virginia so much is the huge home school community. When I tell people I home school, instead of getting a weird face from them, they say, "oh that is becoming so popular now! Good for you!" I don't have to explain myself and or my reasons.  It's wonderful.

5. I am working on putting together a mailing list for Clay Rosaries (I know, about time, right?!). So if you get an email from me that you don't want, just email me back and I'll take you off the list.  In hindsight I should have had an option right off the bat whether or not people wanted to be on the list.  So now all the email address in my inbox of people who have inquired about clay rosaries, or who have ordered before, or who have expressed interest, are going to be on my email list.

6. I am reading Rome Sweet Rome, by Scott and Kimberly Hahn just for fun since it was on my shelf and have yet to read it.  It's so good that I have trouble putting it down and I am about go read it now!  Don't you just love when  non Catholics who hate Catholics start to realize that the Catholic Church has ALL the answers and then they themselves become have to become Catholic?! I'm lovin' it.  


Allison said...

So glad all is well, Sarah. I finally gave the last Communion bracelet to a young friend who graduated from college. I had been holding onto it for months until I saw her again. She loves it!

Jamie Jo said...

Hmmmmm. let's see, you wrote "him" do we know it's a boy?


Try just writing a rough schedule, start with when you'd like to get up by, when you'd like to eat lunch, when you'd like to eat super and fill in between. It will feel good to just get it on paper and try to follow a rough schedule, believe me, it will feel great, even if you don't follow it exactly.

I love those "can't put down" books too!

Did I tell you we got the rosary and it's so very beautiful? It is!!