Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Jewelry and a Custom Rosary

Here are the jewelry pieces I've promised to show you with the new calla lily bead and the black and white cross.  I have put them in my etsy shop (click on links above), but I will also put most of them on my website.  A few pieces are one of a kind, so they will only go on Etsy.

Here is my first charm bracelet:

I made this with the Christian music lover in mind.  I plan to give one to my sister in law who is a very talented singer.  I've had the music beads made for some time, but I wanted it make sure this was not just any old music bracelet- this had to be a Christian music bracelet! I added the purple beads because they looked so pretty.  If you would like a different color glass bead other than purple, I'd be happy make something different for you.  This bracelet is very high quality.  I used a sterling silver chain and sterling silver small silver beads and silver plated brass pins to put it all together.  The cost for this bracelet is $30.00.

Next is a very cool looking black and white cross bracelet. The crosses on this bracelet are 1/2 inch tall, so you can really see the detail on these crosses.  I double strung it with high quality stretchy cord and used silver plated brass beads to accent these ornate cross beads.

This calla lily necklace I remade 3 times until I finally found the perfect look for it. I love that this is exclusively Catholic! I will be getting mine blessed since it includes a Miraculous medal and a crucifix.

Here is a custom rosary with the calla lily beads and the Divine Mercy centerpiece. I will be making bridal rosaries (or for anyone, really!) with these beads as well.

The rest of the jewelry and descriptions can be found on Etsy and you can click through any of the pictures in the Etsy block (on top or below) to purchase them.


Christina said...

Great work Sarah, they look awesome!

Allison said...

Sarah: I just today received the gorgeous bracelet, and two sets of earrings you created. The clay roses. Absolutely stunning and I am so excited to wear them on my first day of my new job Tuesday!

May God continue to shower you with blessings, Sarah.

Allison said...

SO pretty!! I'm always amazed at your work :)

James said...

Wow you have been busy, Sarah. your work leaves me in awe. God's grace continues to inspire you, with new ideas and deeper meanings.
love you lots,

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Sarah, I received my necklace (the pendant with 12 stars) this week and just love it. I am going to have Father bless it this weekend. THANK YOU! Annita +JMJ+