Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chalk Art in Downtown

Don't you love artists who take the time to spend a leisurely afternoon "painting" the streets with cool art?   I do. Especially when it's on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my family in downtown Fredericksburg. Here are some pics of another fun time across the river.
A young artist working on his mermaid

The chalk drawing next to this one is very neat too.  Unfortunately the rain washed away most of the chalk art this morning.

The Fredericksburg Train Bridge

The rain made these appear very faded, but you can still see the wonderful talent out little city has.

This artist let a bunch of kids help her draw leaves and such.

The kids wishing their one of their favorite shops with the moving trains was still open. 

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Julie Cragon said...

Wow. How amazing are some of those pics!