Thursday, September 30, 2010

Point and Click Camera Review

If you are looking to buy a new point and click camera, I have a great recommendation.  After having to put up with my Nikon cool pics for two years, this is such a breath of fresh air! Not that I spilled water on it on purpose, or that I let beach sand ruin the shutter, or let it get beat up by kids and spilled on by leaky sippy cups, but I am so glad to see that thing go!

Aside from being a very affordable camera (with a $40 coupon from Costco to boot) the Canon SD940 Power Shot is so user friendly.  I literally took it out of the box, charged the battery, and started using it without looking at a single direction in the user's manual- and it took great pics.  I love that I can just click a picture and not have to hold down the button for 10 seconds while it thinks about taking a picture (like my Nikon cool pics did).   It also has so many other short cuts that my other camera didn't.  It's small size is another plus. I was surprised to take it out of the box and discover it was even smaller than my old camera.  The only draw back was that it didn't come with a carrying case, but I saved the one that came with my old camera, so I didn't mind.

I am so glad I went with Canon this time!  Not that I am going to pass up my Dad's old Nikon d50 SRL when he's ready to sell it, but as far as compact camera goes, this one's a sure bet. 


Just ME said...

We have an older version of this camera. We also bought it for my inlaws. IT IS SO DURABLE. We have had it for 3 years and it does the job. In the market for a new camera...thanks!

Lena said...

i too have the older version of his camera. it takes great picts inside and out and the video is decent. too bad it's gone missing.
st. anthony, ora pro nobis.
pax Christi - lena