Friday, May 14, 2010

St. Louis De Montfort's Guide To Saying The Rosary-Part 4

(Mary) She is our Mother and our friend. She is the empress of the universe and loves us more than all the mothers and queens of the world have ever loved any one human being. This is really so, for the charity of the Blessed Virgin far surpasses the natural love of all mankind and even of all the angels, as Saint Augustine says.

Blessed Alan de la Roche said: "Let everyone who loves you, oh most holy Mary, listen to this and drink it
    Whenever I say Hail Mary The court of heaven rejoices And the earth Is lost in wonderment. And I despise the world And my heart is brim-full Of the love of God When I say Hail Mary; All my fears Wilt and die And my passions are quelled If I say Hail Mary; Devotion grows Within me And sorrow for sin Awakens When I say Hail Mary. Hope is made strong In my breast And the dew of consolation Falls on my soul More and more- Because I say Hail Mary. And my spirit Rejoices And sorrow fades away When I say Hail Mary . . . .
For the sweetness of this blessed salutation is so great that there are no words to explain it adequately, and even when its wonders have been sung, we still find it so full of mystery and so profound that its depths can never be plumbed. It has but few words but is exceeding rich in mystery; it is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold. We should often meditate upon it in our hearts and have it ever upon our lips so as to say it devoutly again and again."


Karen Simon said...

Enjoyed this book very much. Another great book on the history of the rosary is "Stories of the Rose -The Making of the Rosary in the Middle Ages" by Anne Winston-Allen.

Sarah Harkins said...

I will have to check that book out. I love that our Rosary has such a rich and beautiful history- and that it was given to us by the Blessed Mother herself.