Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Lady of Kibeho

Our Lady of Kibeho is a little known Marian apparition that was approved in 2001. Our Lady appeared starting in 1981 to school children in Rwanda.  She came to promote peace, forgiveness, and the rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary.  She came to Rwanda, but she said she is the Mother of the World- the Mother to Everyone. She also warned of the genocide that would happen if the Rwandan people failed to convert their hearts and learned to love and forgive.

Immaculee's book, Our Lady of Kibeho, not only tells the story of Our Lady of Kibeho, but does so with such heart felt love and devotion for Our Lady, that one cannot read it without gaining a deeper devotion to Mary.  Immaculee Ilibagiza is a Rwandan Holocaust survivor and tells her amazing story of survival and forgiveness in Left to Tell, and Led by Faith.  She is now an international speaker.


Lucy said...

I had heard about Immaculee's survival story, but I didn't know that the genocide in Rawanda was predicted by Our Lady!

Thanks for sharing this. :)

In Christ,

Allison said...

My understanding Lucy is that it is the only Vatican approved apparition in Africa. Anyone know if this is the case?

Anonymous said...

I read Immaculée's book Left to Tell. It is one of the most riveting stories of survival I have ever read. Her immense Catholic faith, in the face of weeks of hiding in a tiny bathroom during the genocide, not only caused me to weep, but propelled my faith journey. I look forward to reading her newest book.