Monday, May 10, 2010

Saying the Rosary- The Right Way.

While it is true, as Kimberly Hahn is quoted, "The only bad rosary is the one that is not said," there is a right way to say the rosary.  If you however, have found yourself saying the rosary the "wrong" way, don't despair! It is still very efficacious to say, no matter if a part was left out.  I recently read a post by a Catholic convert who had been saying her rosary the wrong way for four years.  She was very embarrassed to discover she had been missing a big part of the rosary.  I didn't think it was such a big deal since I had been saying the rosary the wrong way all of my life until I was almost 20 years old.  No one had ever explicitly told me that while you say the Hail Mary's you also meditate on the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  I knew that there were the mysteries that you said before each decade, but I never put two and two together until I read St. Louis De Montfort.

Saying the rosary with both things in mind- the mental and vocal prayer can be tricky at first and the rosary itself can take some getting used to, but with perseverance, Our Lady will guide us to a more and more perfect rosary.  In the next couple of days, I will be posting some more instructions on the rosary from The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis De Montfort.  This is a wonderful book and after reading, you will want to say the rosary every day!

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