Wednesday, July 29, 2009

St. Martha

Today is the feast of St. Martha, and upon reading the introductory hymn in my Magnificat, I have instantly fallen in love with this saint with whom I can identify so well. Here is the hymn/poem.

"Well I know your trouble,
Oh my servant true;
You are very weary-
I was weary too;
But that toil shall make you
Some day all my own-
and the end of sorrow
Shall be near my thrown.

I think this was meant just for me- especially after the rough couple days I've had with my husband being gone, and the kids testing my patience.

The magnificat goes on with this meditation: The Lord is most extravagant in his love for us, his sometimes most unreliable servants. How foolish to give our lives- our time, our attention, our obedience- to mere idols who can love no one. Martha was rebuked not for her work but for allowing her work to make her lose sight of love.

Wow, that was good!

St. Martha, pray for us!

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