Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Perfectly Prayed Rosary

Recently, I read an article in Faith and Family magazine (only the best Catholic magazine ever!) about praying the rosary. I was sincerely inspired by many of the author's points. First of all, I sometimes think that in order to pray the rosary, I have to set aside a half hour of completely quiet, uninterrupted pray time. I find that so hard to do in my busy life! While reading the article, I realized that every quiet moment can be a moment to start the rosary, and every other quiet moment after that can be an opportunity to continue the rosary, and so on, until it is finished, or not at the end of the day. For example, the article talks about prayer "toesaries" on the feet of a baby while breastfeeding. I never thought of that! I say Hail Mary's while stringing the rosaries together, but I never thought of starting a whole rosary. The author also quotes Kimberly Hahn saying the only bad rosary is the one that doesn't get prayed. This is so true! Instead of thinking I have to say a whole rosary start to finish without one stray thought, and then get frustrated when I fail miserably, and end the rosary half way through-mad at myself, I am going to start anew with a guilt free version. I start the rosary sometime in the day when I experience quiet time, stop when quiet time is interrupted, start again when I get some more quiet time and so on. This way I am talking to God more during the day too! And if I didn't get through a whole rosary-I don't worry about it. I am at peace with the fact that I spent my day talking to God. The perfectly prayed rosary- that's one with genuine effort and trust- finished or not!

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