Thursday, July 30, 2009

The rosary is not old fashioned!

I love this youttube video I found on the Faith and Family live website. The music is great too!

I hear that the rosary is one of those things that aren't taught any more in the Church, or it's one of those things that "my Grandma does, but I never learned," or that it's the old fashioned way to pray. I completely disagree. I don't remember first learning the rosary because I was too young to remember. My family always prayed it- especially during Lent, when someone died, or when we were in the car going on a trip. I often rode in the my Dad's work truck to go on a job with him, and he would pull out his rosary to pray along the way. He always said that his Dad carried a rosary in his pocket every day. This are wonderful traditions to pass, but it certainly doesn't mean that it's old fashioned! These two videos show young people who love to pray the rosary and why they do it.

See, young people pray the rosary! (especially in Spain ;)

p.s. I just couldn't wait until May to post these!

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