Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grandma Leukam

Today I remembered a special connection I have with my deceased grandmother on my mother's side.  Her name was Alice Leukam and she died when I was about 9  years old.  Many years later, after I started my rosary business, it was my mom who made the connection.  My grandmother was a  busy mother of six who lived off a meager income of a dairy farmer.   To help make ends meet, she had a very unique trade- I don't even know what you would call them- or if they had a name.  The were like embellished religious art.  One of her most famous ones was a picture of a Guardian Angel and a child. These were popular Baptism gifts.  Around the picture was a Guardian Angel prayer and the child's name, birthdate, birth weight, and length in beautiful calligraphy.  She actually had to write backwards onto the back of the glass. It was quite a skill- and she did it much of the time with a baby on her lap or by her side- which is one of the connections we share!  She also embellished the art with a bit of her own.  Behind the hand- frosted glass, she painted tinfoil to look like sparkly flowers. I wish I had one to take of a picture to show what it looks like.  She sold many of these to people far and wide, and made quite a name for herself in local newspapers.  She was a very special, devout woman and is missed dearly.

I like to think that she has blessed my business from heaven and is smiling down on me and my family. 

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