Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Princess Turns Three

My little Analee is three today (and feeling much better, thank you!).   This picture if her with Cinderella has a sweet little story with it.  Last time we went to Disney World, both the kids were scared to death by all those stuffed creatures that have the Disney logo sewed on their butts. Pooh, Eeyore, Mickey, Minny, you name it, my kids shreaked in terror if their were within 20 feet of them.  So all those long lines where you can stand and wait for your kids to take their pictures with one of the Disney characters, I happily passed by. 

This year, Liam as not scared, but Analee still was very scared. She was even unsure about seeing the princesses whom she loves so much.  One night we got in line to see the three princesses after she agreed to go inside.  She changed her mind twice while we waited and as we got closer, she didn't want to go.  Then it was her turn to go and talk to Cinderella- her absolute favorite.  She was shy at first, but thankfully Cinderella was quite charming and got her to warm up quickly. 

It was not hard to get a picture of her smiling this time. She was beaming from ear to ear and didn't stop until we were done with all three of the princesses' pictures.   Then as we were walking away from Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty, she says, "Now I want SNOW WHITE!"  Eric and I just laughed. The shy little girl, who didn't want any pictures with any princess, was getting greedy!

She is my shy little girl, but she is so sweet and head strong- which I know will come in handy...someday!


Bonnie said...

Don't you wish that life was one big fairtale and we would live happily ever after ...
Love the pics and the sweet faces

noreen said...

Hi Sarah,

I gave you the Liebster Award today. Here is the link

You certainly should have it!