Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Vacation

Here are tiny tidbits from our Disney World Vacation.  My Father in Law, who is equally great in his love for Disney as is his generousity toward his children and grandchildren, paid for all 17 of us to go to Disney World.   It was great vacation and we are very thankful. 

The kids had just as good of time being with their cousins that they seldom see as they did on the rides! It was fun to see them play along so well even though they see each other only a couple times a year.

After spending 10 days in the parks, and 12 days all together in the Fort Wilderness Cabins (which was a fantastic location if you are ever thinking about which resort to stay in), this mamma was ready to come home.  The kids were very sad to say goodbye to grandparents and cousins, though.    

Now I have read the entire GAPS book (thank you, hubby for that extra down time in Disney World) and am even more sold on this diet for saving the world (that and Jesus) as I was before I read it. I wish I could afford to buy everyone I know and don't know, a copy of their own.  
We are starting this diet (or rather, lifestyle) as much as I can right now.  Good buy bad gut bacteria, hello good gut flora! 

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bonita said...

I love the pic of you Sarah with the yellow dress and Analee