Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clay Buttons

Most of the buttons are made with jump rings, but the green/red rose has two holes.  These buttons are going to be sold at the Mary's Shelter fundraiser in downtown Fredericksburg.

Here's something new for me- making buttons! I was in need of some new buttons for my summer dress and one button for a toy that lost it's button.  After looking up some online tutorials, I set to work using some canes I had already made.  These buttons were super easy and would be a fun activity for older kids too. 

You wouldn't have to use canes with designs in them. You could just make buttons of different colors swirled together or put polka dots on them- etc. 

Just in case you're wondering, these polymer clay buttons don't get damaged when put in washing and drying machines. This dress was washed with the buttons on it and came out just fine.


Allison said...

Amazing. You are amazing. These would be great for knitters, too, Sarah. When you are back to marketing your work.


Christina said...

Wow cool idea! It fits perfect with your dress :)

Katie Rose said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah, you are a beautiful princess of God. I am so grateful to God the author of life for putting you into our lives. God has blessed us with challenges, but his graces are always more abundant than crosses. we are so proud of you, you are gifted in numerous ways with talent and a heart of big as ever for God, family and a love for the less fortunate. Thank you too for the life of your babies (our grandchildren) and to your fantastic husband, Eric. we love you all and we celebrate you Sarah - love eternal