Monday, July 18, 2011

The Commando Crawl

Jude been doing the commando crawl for a while now, but I've been waiting to take pictures until he gets up on all fours.  I'm not sure this will happen since he is very good at getting around quickly and efficiently on his belly.  I keep telling people I need to put a swiffer pad on his belly because he does such a good job at collecting dirt off my floor.  Gross, but true.

   It's been a challenge to keep every little thing off the floor, but at the same time, I am liking this crawling thing.  He loves being mobile! It keeps him happy for much longer so that mommy can have more time picking up marbles and coins that the other kid leave behind.

He is so happy just to explore and see what he can find behind the toilet. Yes, that's right. He loves to get in the bathroom when Mommy's not looking and get that little white cap off the screw that holds the toilet to the floor. Probably the most disgusting thing and forbidden thing in my house- which is why he make a bee line for it every time the door's open. Gotta love boys!


Katie Rose said...

he is such a cute baby boy!

melody said...

Sweeeet! The biggest drawback to online friendships is that baby cheeks are inaccessible! My guy just found out how fun it is to splash IN the toilet. Extremely gross. lol!

Anonymous said...

I agree Melody, i can't pick him up and kiss his cheeks. he is sooo cute. i can tell from the pic of the moving hand he is as fast as a car. This is the toughest for mom, she finds herself in the back seat while the baby drives.
Love MOM

Katie said...

What a cutie!

Mandy said...

ha! Sooo cute! Yes, you gotta love boys! Yesterday I found a cup, sitting on my counter, and was about to load it into the dishwasher, until I noticed it was full of fat worms. I guess they were planning on going "fishing" with them