Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teenagers Think I'm Old

Today I turned thirty and my sisters (17 and 14) kindly inform me that teenagers, the world over, think I'm old.   While this is true, when I tell people who are older than me that now I am feeling old, they roll their eyes.  I don't care what people say-30 is not the new 20; thirty is the anti-age! I can't say I'm young, I can't say I'm old- I just don't win, so I keep my mouth shut (except when it comes to telling the cyber-world!).  Apparently there are rumors circulating in my homeschooling group that I am 26. haha! I'll keep them guessing.  And just a month ago, in a certain Mexican restaurant, I was carded, then re-carded with a credit card verification because they thought I was lying about my age. I don't have to tell how good that felt! (even though it was only because I was with my little sister who makes me look young).  Afterward, there was much apologizing by the waitress, but I kept saying, "No, really, thank you!"  When I'm with my kids,  or my husband, on the other hand, I rarely get carded.  They don't bother with this old lady!

In the end, after living three fulfilling decades, I can honestly say, I don't feel old.  God has blessed me generously- despite the many ways I failed Him.  I don't deserve my amazing husband and three spectacular kids, and many new friendships blossoming in our new area, but I'll take 'em all! 

Before I was old. (the day of our engagement- my early twenties) Thinking, "30 is really old!"

If the decades to come are as rich in blessings as the first three, I look forward to growing old(er). But today, since I'm not old and not young, I will continue to call my self: The Clay Rosary Girl" and have parties late at night when my kids are asleep. 
Almost 30. Old ladies doing oyster shooters at Old Emmit's with babies in tow. See, people over 30 have lots of fun!


Jamie Jo said...


God bless you, I'll always think of you as that short haired teen making rosaries, always.

I thought 30 was kind of hard, but I'm liking 40 (I'm almost 42) I like where I am in life and I like that I know what I want and what works and what doesn't, what's good and what's not. 40 is great. Really it is.

Great picture of you and your mama!
Have a wonderful day Sarah!

Katie Rose said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I am so glad to have you as a friend.

Allison said...

Happy Day Sarah.
(and as I approach 50, 30 seems so very young!)

Renee said...

30 is not old..... try approaching 50, that's getting old :)

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday a few days late. I turned 35 today. My husband lovingly told me that I am now 5 years away from 40. :P ...he can get away with it since he is turning 46 tomorrow.

May God bless you throughout the year!