Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Fun Projects- Finished!

My sister left yesterday after staying with us for three and a half weeks. It was a sad goodbye, but she left us with some very fun pieces of decor to remind us of her.
Cabinet makeover

This Ethan Allen cabinet that I snagged for $40.00 at the thrift shop around the corner from us, was originally dark stained wood.  I've always wanted to make it look more cohesive in our living space, but there is no way I would have every carved out two days to paint that thing.  Here's what Christina did with some paint and fabric:

Unfortunately the kids ran off with the hinges and only two were found. I think we will have to buy all new ones.

The next project that I've been wanting to have done is to redo one of the original windows from our old house.  We found this one in the garden room when we cleaned it out.  I wanted to add some more bits of blue to the room since buying my new blue and white chairs, so this was a good way to incorporate that color:

Since Christina is thinking about going into interior design, I gifted her with some real world experience (haha).   First she painted the trim white.  Then she sanded the corners/edges.   She applied some brown stain to the sanded parts, then immediately wiped it off giving it an antiqued look.  painted all white. Finally, she put a clear coat of finish on top of the stain.

For the windows, I printed off this bird pattern from the Internet onto translucent paper. Christina used a magic marker to make a little darker blue.  Then she used contact paper to stick it on the back.  A matching ribbon completed the look.

This last project was a joint effort of my husband, Christina and I.  I had wanted to print this family picture on a canvas, but the high price tag scared me away.  Instead, I printed off this large print for 5.99 at Costco.  I cut it into three equal parts and had my husband cut an old piece of wood into three identical parts.  The wood was sanded and painted black.  Then I glued the picture on the front with decoupage glue.  It was so simple and I saved more than a hundred dollars!  I can't take credit for the idea since I saw it in flier for a hardware store a few years ago.

Thank you, Christina for all your help and hard work.   It was a great visit! You will be missed!!


Katie Rose said...

i love them all. i think i am going to have to copy the photo idea. very charming.

Allison said...

Amazing and inspiring!

Julie Cragon said...

So creative. I love them!

Christina said...

No problem Sarah, I very much enjoyed doing them! It was an awesome visit...miss you!

The Little House That Grew said...

Love seeing them on line and loved seeing them in person even more!! I had such a great time at your house Friday!!! Thank you for such a special night. I loved meeting you and wished we could have talked more.
Your house was so sweet and your food was WONDERFUL!! I did not want to leave!

Sarah Harkins said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you were able to come! It was great to meet you too and yes, the evening goes so fast, it's hard to talk with everyone. Maybe we'll see more of each other through Aquinas Learning. I have so much to learn about the program, I'll probably be up there quite a bit for her little seminars and things.
In the mean time, I look forward to getting to know you through your blog!
God Bless!

noreen said...

Sarah, your house projects turned out just gorgeous! I really love how you made your family portrait! I've never seen that done and think it's amazing! Your sister will make a wonderful interior designer.

God Bless.