Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

Here's a fun new thing I'm going to do on Wednesdays. I'll follow the script every week so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

This Wednesday, what's up with...

Clay Rosaries: finishing up an order to send out to a wonderful Pro Life woman and her daughter who is making her First Holy Communion. What an honor for me!

Me: Thankful for my Sister in Law, Rhonda who never fails to surprise me with the warmth, kindness and care she gives to all her relatives.

Kids: Just got back from the library where Liam really enjoys story time

Husband: Making his own beer (for the past four weeks) He's opening his first bottle up tonight. He's nervous. I remain skeptical.

Book I'm Reading: Parenting with Grace--The Catholic Parent's Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Children by Dr. Popcak. Interesting so far...Attachment Parenting...not sure about this...hope the rest of the book doesn't talk about it as much as the first chapter.

What's for Dinner: Roast Chicken with roasted vegetables. Soooo easy- my mother in law showed me this fail proof way of roasting chicken. Generously sprinkle Season All on a roaster chicken with a pop up timer. Pop in oven. Wait for timer to pop up and enjoy a juicy chicken seasoned to perfection.

What's on my mind: Haiti and all the poor people who are so displaced and uncared for. Makes me feel so helpless. Must pray!

What's up and coming: A birthday party for my sweet baby girl who is turning one! Liam can't stop talking about his cousins and Mom Mom and Popi who are coming. I am looking forward to making my first homemade cake. I even watched a video on how to do it on Martha

Best thing that happened to me today: Sleeping in until 8:00am! What a treat- thank you kids for that!!

Best Link I've Seen Lately: Lisa Hendley's Blog on Haiti. It has a nice prayer, and link to donate to CRS for Haiti.



Please continue to pray for the Haitian people. We have a 19 y/o student from our village who is still missing after the hotel she was in collapsed. She was on a mission trip with Food For the Poor. Pray for the Crispinelli family and their daughter Staphanie...

Sarah Harkins said...

How sad, I will pray!