Monday, January 25, 2010

Never a Good Sign

It's life's little things that make me chuckle :)

It's never a good sign when:

Your toddler says, "This is a fun ride!!" while you are driving.

You announce that your New Year's Resolution is to be a better housekeeper and no one disagrees.

You ask your husband whether or not he'd like the new recipe you tried for dinner another time, and he doesn't respond.

Your baby (who shoves everything in her mouth including anything she finds on the floor) will not put that same new recipe in her mouth.

Your priest tells you after you confess your sins that you've made a "good confession".

Your toddler says, "just don't come in my bedroom" while he is supposed to be taking a nap.

Your husband says, "I need..." and your child finishes the sentence with "sleep."

Being able to laugh at yourself now and then-- now that's a GOOD sign!


James said...

you should be a writer, Sarah. i guess you are! good stuff

Megan said...

that was cute

Jamie Jo said...

Probably not a good thing that I think most of those things have happened to me too!! Especially that recipe one, can't count how many times in 13 years that's happened!! Thanks for the laugh!