Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I think everyone would agree it's been quite the long, cold winter.  While we have enjoyed our new baby, it seemed like from January to March, all we've been doing is getting sick and trying to recuperated from being sick.  Thank goodness for the ray of sunshine called Faustina!

She's three months old now and getting so big! She's able to sit up when we hold her hands, is fascinated with her hands, and is trying to talk to us with her coos. 

Jude said today, "I just love her so much!" Sounds so cute coming from a two year old boy.

Liam has lost both front teeth now. According to traditional Fuji culture, he's now ready to leave the bosom of his mother and work along side his father all day.  I have yet to see a loss of attention. He's still the one-upper when it comes to affection. If I get one kiss from Eric, Liam's giving me two.  Yes, they make me feel like a queen every day!

Faustina is now back to good health after the RSV- pneumonia-hospital stay.  It was one of the scariest things I've been through as a parent.  To top it off, I got into a fender bender on my way to pick up a prescription after I learned she had RSV.  No damage was done, but the other guy made such a fuss over nothing, I ended up a hot mess of tears over all the stress.  I think that was the third day of lent.  Let's just say, dealing with that guy during that stress was all the sacrifice I needed to do.

Despite all my good intentions of celebrating the liturgical year in full, we had yet to celebrate one feast day- until St. Patrick's day. The kids decorated and we made green cookies. Today they said, "What can we do for St. Joseph's day??"  So I found the lazy mom's guide to a St. Joseph alter- a paper one! We did make some chocolate crowns of thorn though, which they are eating at present.  Maybe this is the start of something. 

I'm trying my best everyday to overcome feelings of being too overwhelmed.  Keeping my eyes from the over achievers blogs, really does help! I tend to feel like I have to do what everyone else is doing or I'm not doing enough.  When I look at my kids playing together, I realize that even though they don't get to do a whole lot outside the home, the best gift we've given them is inside the home. Siblings. Siblings are friends that live with you. God is good and His grace is always sufficient!


Mandy Benton said...

Oh Sarah!! How scary--RSV??!! So glad baby girl is ok, and that you are too! I have the same feelings of being completely overwhelmed most of the time, so I can completely sympathize. Just take it one day at a time, and don't compare yourself to others! I often see all you do with your crafts, homeschooling, cooking so healthily, and think to myself, WHY can't I manage to do more with myself, the Church, and the kids--Sarah does it! Comparing never does anyone any good, you are doing the best you can and that's enough :-) Take care!!

Anonymous said...

what a great humble post! Kinda like the Pope, just blows me out of the water, with down to earth openness to the things that really matter. You are an inspiration to moms on full throttle.
Love your pics and the babes!

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, gosh, we are not doing anything. HOpe my blog is not one you need to stay away from. Today is the Feast of ST Joseph, and the most we've done is having ice cream because it's technically a feast day and we don't have to give anything up today...not St Joseph altar or anything everyone in blogworld is doing (except us) St Joseph, forgive me.

So sorry about the hospital stay, it's so hard, my mother's heart SO understands Sarah, so much. I had a fender bender once when Nicholas had his first fever and I ran to the store quick (frantic) to get some baby Motrin the man was irate....irate, and really mean. I was in tears too. Nothing happened, there was not even a scratch. I ran into him at the stop light, turning right.

Hope your day got better...looks like you have no snow, that's gotta be great!!

Hang in there mama, you are doing great!!

Cam said...

They are such cuties! I love the hugs picture!

I've been thinking as winter has dragged on and on that I have no idea what I'd do if my girls didn't have each other to play with. I'd have gone crazy by now! When one is in time out for a few minutes it's like the other one doesn't know what to do!

And my package arrived with the necklace and bracelet that will go in my little one's Easter Basket and they're perfect! Thank you so much!

Billie Jo said...

Sarah...I agree about this winter dragging on so! We also had prolonged and recurring sickness. Let's hope spring brings health and peace and joy along with the warmth and sun, right?

And I love- love-love your thoughts on siblings and being home. I too believe in the power of home and sibling friendship. Well that and the fact that I am a super homebody!

Hope you have a wonderful evening with that beautiful family! : )

Katie said...

She is so beautiful!! I agree about winter and just cannot wait for the sun to shine a bit more and nice warm days!

RSV is scary!! I pray she is all better now.

Have a wonderful Holy Week (soon)!

Allison said...

When our boys were tiny and I felt as if I wasn't DOING enough with them (Field trips etc) a dear friend told me:

"WHat children really need in order to grow is intimacy, not stimulation"

The stimulation can come later - and they are always growing and learning no matter what we DO. They are designed to grow and learn.

noreen said...

Hi Sarah,

Faustina is such a doll! I can see why her big brothers love her so much! That must have been a terrible scare with her stay in the hospital. And then to have the fender bender...worst possible timing but you were in God's hands. Love the pictures that you share of your children. They're so sweet. And I agree, it's been a long winter. God bless!