Friday, March 29, 2013

Our First Seder Meal

Last night we had our first Seder meal. It wasn't very well planned, but it did the job.  I'm hoping it will be a tradition and get better every year.  I got the script from Curr Click, but I saw one on Catholic Inspired as well.

The kids were very attentive throughout the whole thing. I think it was so out of the ordinary, they didn't know what to think.  Plus, I typically don't serve crackers and juice to my kids, so they were thrilled for the matzo and grape juice.

Here's a picture of Analee dipping her finger in the grape juice. How often do you tell your kids to dip their fingers in their grape juice 10 times for the 10 plagues? That was great.  Hiding the matzo was fun too.

Analee asked if the grape juice was lamb's blood. Would have been cooler if it was, although Eric and I were wishing it was wine.  Traditional Passovers include 4 glasses of wine!  I think we need to do this more authentic next year and invite some friends over.
I didn't have any parsley, so cilantro was substituted. It's Mexican parsley!

I love all the symbolism.  Chicken bone on a plate...morbid and weird, but cool.  Not sure about the roasted egg. Why does it need to be roasted after I boil it? Seems redundant.

Who knew it was the Jews who made the first Paleo granola bars? Choreset was eerily similar to these... I think next time I will just make those because my choreset wasn't the best.

The lamb leg roast with pan gravy was amazing! Such a treat. It was the first lamb roast I've prepared and even though I messed up the recipe, it still turned out.  This is definitely happening again.

Since the Seder meal isn't really a MEAL, I had to make some other food.  Besides the lamb, I wasn't sure else is typically served at a Passover meal.  So, we had also had steamed cauliflower and a nice salad with candied pecans, gorgonzola and green apple.  I think it was kosher.  At least I didn't serve bacon! no pork at this meal.


Anonymous said...

Seven plagues? Girl, were you asleep in Sunday school?

Sarah Harkins said...

ok, lol! I guess I wasn't counting very well. I fixed it now.

GLENDA said...

I think its great u had a sedar. Your observations of your children r delicious. The sedar is a meal. I believe you're talking about the sedar plate whi h is just the beginning of the sedar. Get yourself a sedar book. You may not have them where u live. The supermarkets have them for free in major jewish communities. This way you can follow the whole experience that Jesus followed. You need to make chicken soup with matzoh balls. You didn't mention gefilte fish. The one thing that's definately is not kosher is the cheese in salad with meat. Sounds like you did a great job and I'm happy you're choosing to do it again.

Peace..if I can help you further, just ask.

Sarah Harkins said...

Thank you for your advice! You are very knowledgeable on this. I have never heard of gefilte fish! I will have to see if I can make that soup next year too.

Anonymous said...
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